Diso Vit C

Diso Vit C

Flavour - Elderberry

Pack Size - 30 Oral Strips 

 There’s nothing worse than catching a cold, except getting laid up for a week with a nasty flu. Your immune system is all that stands between you and a host of germs ready and waiting to make you miserable.

OQO's Diso® Vit C is a great way to bolster your immune system with the essential nutrients you need to fight infection and disease.

We’ve filled these strips with Vitamin C, the essential ingredient your body needs to maintain your immunity, and Beta Glucans for their immune-supportive properties and ability to activate immune cell responses.

We’ve also added Elderberry Extract, partly for the flavour but mostly because it’s a powerhouse for building your immune strength. Elderberries are bursting with vital vitamins and antioxidants your immune system requires to stay strong and healthy. Additionally, the antiviral properties of elderberries can actively ease the symptoms of a bad cold or stubborn flu. 

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